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  • Thumbs down: Kiwi social media users snubbing their noses at brands

    2014-07-10 10:12:05 // // News
    If you believed the hype, social media was destined to knock traditional media off its perch and marketers have invested heavily in it in recent years. But Kiwis’ engagement with brands and companies on social media is on the slide, with a Colmar Brunton survey on the social media habits of New Zealanders showing the number of Kiwis who follow brands on social media dropping from 41 percent in 2013 to 27 percent this year.
  • Learning from the socially savvy

    2014-07-02 14:18:11 // // News
    Where once social media was seen as a harbinger of doom for traditional media, the enthusiasm has been tempered somewhat in recent years as algorithms have changed and questions have been asked about the return on investment. But there are still plenty of success stories, often from a customer service point of view, and Amanda Sachtleben went along to the #NZSOMO conference to find out about a few of them from New Zealand.
  • Spread liberally: the journey of a viral video

    2014-05-01 12:45:13 // // News
    Creating content that goes viral isn’t just about creating good content. It’s also about knowing how to fan the flames, writes Joanna James.
  • Ajax offers to clean up your social media life

    2014-01-17 13:52:49 // // News
    Given that the lines between the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, Ajax has decided to transpose its real-world cleaning methods into the internet with a new campaign that promises to help you clean up your social media life.
  • Social media listening: why it doesn't pay to DIY

    2012-12-13 10:08:21 // // News
    Following on from last week's well-received column about why social media was like talkback radio, Jennifer Duval-Smith puts forward her views on why a combination of paid tools and manual monitoring is the best option for a consistent, timely and comprehensive overview of your social media chatter.
  • Study shows New Zealand's most social—and socially engaging—brands

    2012-09-12 12:21:12 // // News
    According to marketing nerds, content isn't king, engagement is. And much of the engagement between brands and consumers is taking place on Facebook these days. So, Socialbakers, a global social media and digital analytics company, has come up with a formula, crunched a few numbers and compiled a list of New Zealand's top ten Facebook pages by size and engagement, although a few big names are missing.
  • A bit sketchy: Air New Zealand’s new animated safety video takes flight

    2012-06-21 11:18:59 // // News
    Just as Braniff airways shook up the fairly dull US airline sector in the ’60s by painting its planes bright colours and putting its hostesses in bright uniforms, Air New Zealand changed the way everyone looked at inflight safety videos by making them entertaining and, with its previous agency .99, it basically created a whole new—and quite powerful—media channel. So far we’ve seen painted bodies, All Blacks, lycra-clad, OTT aerobics instructors and puerile puppets. And for the first time the airline has decided to take an animated approach, with a new ’hand-drawn’ safety video featuring the voice talent of Kiwi-born actress Melanie Lynskey and Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill, as well as a range of “cameo appearances”.
  • The power of like: how to win Facebook friends—and influence people’s purchase behaviour

    2012-06-14 09:40:07 // // News
    Many believe the US$108 billion valuation of Facebook, which started off at US$38 a share and has fallen back to around US$31 a share, was based on “option value”; on the future money-making potential of what Wired writer Steven Johnson feels is becoming a monopoly. The social networking behemoth has certainly been under the pump in the media since the IPO, but research released yesterday about the powerful effect both earned and paid messages have on purchase behaviour offered some welcome good news.
  • Kiwi digi-boffins put minds to good use as Facebook's Hack for a Cause comes to town

    2012-06-12 01:21:42 // // News
    Facebook is a big believer in the hack mentality; in "putting a bunch of ridiculously talented people in ridiculously small quarters under ridiculous time pressure and building cool stuff". From time to time it employs this approach to come up with big ideas for big clients or charities in some of its larger markets, but last week, the hack came to New Zealand, when around 40 digital and creative folk from the likes of Contagion, Colenso BBDO, Rapp Tribal, DMD, Gladeye, DraftFCB, Saatchi & Saatchi and Young & Shand put aside their rivalries and gathered in the Contagion offices in Auckland to come up with ideas that would help cement the legacy of Sir Peter Blake and spread the word about the work of the Sir Peter Blake Trust. 
  • Contagion to flex social muscles with Les Mills International

    2012-06-07 20:56:09 // // News
    Les Mills International (LMI) is one of the country's biggest under-the-radar business success stories, and its fitness products can be found in more than 14,000 gyms in 80 countries. And to help keep in touch with them all—and reach some fairly ambitious goals for growth—it has appointed Contagion as its new global media social media partner, effective immediately. 
  • Reputation is everything: how to work with—and benefit from—online reviews

    2012-06-06 01:35:49 // // News
    The old adage says reputations take a lifetime to build and only 15 minutes to destroy. And with the emergence of social media and online reviews, never has this saying rung truer for our travel and hospitality industries. 
  • 'Because not everything is better in front of a crowd'

    2012-05-30 23:58:28 // // News
    Colmar Brunton has just released some survey results that show 60 percent of New Zealanders follow a brand on social media and more than two thirds think a social media presence adds to the brand's appeal. But what those consumers say when they're talking to those brands is another, very different question. So we thought we'd republish a column by The Research Agency's Andrew Lewis that ran in the last issue of NZ Marketing and detailed the interesting results of a survey on how people interact with brands on social media. 
  • They like you, they really like you: Colmar Brunton survey shows social media is 'good for business'

    2012-05-30 23:44:47 // // News
    Kiwis of all ages are prolific users of social media but, according to a recent Colmar Brunton survey, it’s not just to keep up to date with family and friends. Nearly 60 percent of Kiwis follow at least one brand and over one third (37 percent) say a social media presence makes a brand more appealing to them. 
  • The Collective ups its social status with international accolade

    2012-05-30 01:06:17 // // News
    Auckland-based dairy producer The Collective has embraced social media as its major marketing channel in an effort to better connect with its 'herd' and, in many cases, get them to assist with product creation. And that strategy has been vindicated, not just because it is one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand, but because it was also named as the first and only New Zealand brand to feature in The Social Brands 100 list—"the authoritative ranking of brands leading the way in the social age"—coming in at number 57 ahead of brands like Dell, Groupon and Intel. 
  • Intergen study shows online engagement on the up, but Kiwi companies still hedging bets

    2012-05-18 01:45:09 // // News
    The second Engaged Web in New Zealand Report, which saw Intergen assess the five most visited New Zealand websites from ten different sectors to measure their level of customer engagement, has just been released, with the highlights being that 90 percent of websites increased their level of engagement since last year, companies are focusing less on the primary corporate websites, New Zealand’s news and media websites are the most engaging and the shopping and classifieds, and banking and finance sectors have made the biggest improvement. 
  • We welcome our new Twitter-controlled artistic robot overlords

    2012-05-11 02:50:43 // // News
    May not be a picture of painting spiderbots Robots, social media, spray cans and three of the world’s leading design creatives are coming together in Auckland this month at design conference Semi-Permanent as part of Orcon's Spider Art, which is believed to be the world’s first art painted by Twitter-controlled 'spiderbots'.
  • A cautionary tale: why you need to read the Facebook fine print

    2012-05-03 01:19:34 // // News
    Too many brands have been severely punished for failing to do their homework. So tread carefully and learn to navigate the maze of ever-changing Facebook page rules.
  • Creating better work stories: how creative PR is doing the business

    2012-03-28 01:40:54 // // News
    More than 190 people from across the marketing community heard from an impressive list of speakers about how creative PR ideas can achieve business goals during the International PR Forum put on by the CAANZ Marcomms Leadership Group in Auckland last Wednesday. So here's a rundown on all the good stuff. 
  • SpecialPress: The Ad Contrarian

    2012-03-13 22:50:54 // // News
    The Ad Contrarian is Bob Hoffman, chief executive of Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and St. Louis. He also writes one of the world's funniest (and painfully truthful) blogs on advertising and marketing. Bob is former chief executive of Mojo USA and ex-president and creative director of Allen & Dorward. And in a former life he was a middle school science teacher. It's with this objective point of view that he has burst many a hype bubble. His honesty and straight-forwardness is refreshing in a world of marketing mumbo jumbo. So if you like what Bob has to say, you'll enjoy his books, The Ad Contrarian and 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising.
  • Contagion's Stories beat Stuff gets the young'uns clicking

    2012-02-22 19:48:56 // // News
    15-29 year olds make up 25 percent of New Zealand's total visitors. And while they may not spend as much as the older folk, they stay here for a longer and are an important chunk of revenue for the industry. Due to a combination of new, exciting and probably cheaper destinations coming into fashion and a lack of activity directed at the youth market over the years, New Zealand has fallen off the radar slightly for this demographic, but Stories Beat Stuff, a digital campaign launched by Contagion last year that asks potential travellers to give something up in exchange for a trip to New Zealand, is helping to change that.
  • Pepsi kowtows to anti-bull fighting league as bovine prize nixed

    2012-02-10 00:59:38 // // News
    After the success of Pepsi's MaxIt Jobs campaign last year, there were high hopes for Colenso's follow-up, Bromitment. But, by the power of Facebook, the vocal minority have got their way and convinced Frucor/Frucor's PR agency to bow to online pressure and withdraw a prize offering a trip to the running of the bulls in Spain from the campaign. 
  • Heart of the City and Colenso give the gift of a gift-giving guru

    2011-12-06 00:19:49 // // News
    It's tough finding the perfect gift. And time is running out to find it before Christmas. But Colenso and Heart of the City have joined forces to make it slightly easier—and to promote the shopping districts of the Auckland CBD—with the launch of the Gift Guru, a festive addition to the Big Little City website that offers hints and tips from "super stylist and shopping extraordinaire" Charlotte Rust. 
  • Strategy's Share an Idea gets international co-creation plaudits

    2011-11-28 21:48:54 // // News
    Strategy Design and Advertising and the Christchurch City Council's Share an Idea campaign, which involved the community piping up about the redevelopment of the Central City following the earthquakes, was the unanimous overall winner of this year’s Co-Creation Award—and it's the first time the Netherlands-based Co-Creation Association has given it to a campaign from outside Europe. 
  • From Mad Men to math men: IBM study shows marketers drowning in data

    2011-11-24 03:16:18 // // News
    For the first time in IBM's C-suite surveys, chief marketing officers were included in the mix. And the results show many of them feel unprepared to deal with the volume and complexity of information available through social platforms. 
  • Swap meet: Contagion and Tourism NZ aim for the young'uns with global trade-in scheme

    2011-11-16 21:15:21 // // News
    Most of Tourism New Zealand's sizable marketing and comms budget now gets directed towards digital channels in an effort to get 'active considerers' on the plane. And its latest work via Contagion is trying to tempt the Gen Ys back for some backpacking with, something the agency believes is "possibly the largest social media campaign a New Zealand agency has produced". 
  • Telecom ups its creative, content-creating cred with Smart Network

    2011-10-20 04:28:36 // // News
    In a world gone social, influence is critical. And Telecom is bolstering its earned media credentials with the launch of Smart Network, a new online hub that showcases the work of a bunch of creative Kiwis. 
  • Advergame on: to sell you must compel, say gamification boffins

    2011-10-20 02:27:16 // // News
    Gamification, the use of game concepts to engage users, may be the new buzzword in digital marketing, but if you're hoping to ride the merry wave to the top, marketers need to do their homework first.
  • TVNZ and Tequila\ go grandstanding with RWC-themed social TV innovation

    2011-10-18 23:53:37 // // News
    In a world where the internet is rarely more than an arm's length away, broadcasting is becoming increasingly social. TVNZ's youth channel U claimed to offer New Zealand's first technology-based integration of social media into TV with its U Live Facebook application and, as part of its Rugby World Cup 'One Love' campaign, TVNZ is tapping into the 'second screening' trend once again with Grandstand, "a pioneering web-based chat-room" built by Tequila\. 
  • Battle of the rugby chatter

    2011-10-13 23:46:18 // // News
    Dr Obvious has diagnosed the RWC as being a pretty hot social media topic (recently released stats show there have been more than 1,931,215 tweets about the #RWC2011 over the past five weeks when you include all teams, hashtags and @rugbyworldcup). And, as this infographic shows, the All Blacks are winning the conversation wars ahead of Sunday's trans-Tasman semi-final stoush. 
  • Eat my pants: Havoc and Holt create chaos in the kitchen for the Parmco Challenge

    2011-09-26 04:30:09 // // News
    When a kitchen appliance brand launches an advertising campaign with the title ‘Rambo’s Undies’ starring Mikey Havoc and Hayley Holt you know you won’t be getting a standard appliance ad with the obligatory mud-stained children’s clothing. And that’s exactly what Kiwi owned appliance brand Parmco wanted when they signed off on the Parmco Challenge.
  • Vodafone wins on the Kiwi share market with social media-inspired short film

    2011-07-15 01:29:29 // // News
    In an effort to create a snapshot of New Zealand through the eyes of social media, Vodafone recently asked Kiwis to share their Tweets, Txts, status updates, videos, and pictures as part of Share Everything Day on 8 July. And the end result of all that sharing, a short-film created by Satellite Media, was released on Vodafone's Facebook page today. 
  • Online time is on social media's side

    2011-07-14 00:40:11 // // News
    As everyone knows, the internet is a wonderful thing to waste time on and social media is often singled out as the biggest cause of this timewastery. Now comScore's Media Metrix service has delivered some local proof, with its recent study on internet usage in New Zealand showing social networking is the most popular online activity, accounting for one of every five minutes spent online in May.
  • Is Google+ the Facebook killer?—UPDATED

    2011-07-11 23:14:40 // // News
    Hopefully. After one week of playing with it, I'm impressed. The ease of keeping your profile secure from certain people and being able to easily see exactly what information is displayed to who, as well as the addition of "Hang outs" and a few other features is great.
  • Non-guinea pigs unite as ecostore ramps up opt-out campaign on Facebook

    2011-07-10 23:22:58 // // News
    Ecostore’s latest campaign has been pushing the 'I'm not a guinea pig line' to encourage consumers to opt out of using nasty chemicals often found in other baby, beauty, body and household cleaning products. Now, in what it claims is a marketing first, it's taking that idea a step further by trying to get consumers' entire Facebook networks to do the same. 
  • Vizual reality: Christchurch digital agency defies odds with expansion

    2011-07-05 22:43:40 // // News
    Vizualise NZ general manager Carl Pavletich (L) and director Rupert Deans Even an earthquake striking in the middle of a massive international project didn’t slow down Christchurch-based digital agency Vizualise for long. But if it wasn't for cloud computing, director Rupert Deans says continuing to work on a “major project for a US-based charity” that's yet to launch would have been impossible.
  • Oh the banality: Vodafone courts content creators with Share Everything Day

    2011-07-03 23:21:57 // // News
    YouTube and Ridley Scott captured the world in action to great effect recently with Life in a Day. And now Vodafone is taking a similar idea and localising it with Share Everything Day, which aims to find out what New Zealanders are sharing and how they're using social media. 
  • Flight of the social bumblebee

    2011-06-30 22:04:40 // // News
    In this edition of Michael Carney's Marketing Week, how pollinators differ from influencers, social media's skeleton is dug up, Sky future-proofs itself by looking at use-by dates for recorded content, short and sweet marketing snippets and an event for marketers hoping to prosper from the Rugby World Cup. 
  • Will 'Like to Enter' kill your Facebook page?

    2011-06-28 00:19:16 // // News
    If you think a ‘like to enter’ competition on your company's Facebook page is a cunning way to grow your follower numbers, you're probably right in the short term. But if you treat it as a loyalty database, be prepared for some repercussions. 
  • Twitter for dummies

    2011-06-15 21:24:18 // News
    Over the past month we’ve rolled out our Colmar Brunton nzgirl Women’s Tracker presentation to agencies and clients and one of the key discussions from the preso has been around Twitter. While the most commonly bandied-around, unlikely-to-be-grounded-in-fact number of participators in New Zealand is around nice percent I suspect the reality is much smaller.  And in an industry more likely to be exposed to new communication tools, I found only a very small number of people actively participating. In some agency meetings, often in a room of twenty media buyers, not one of them was tweeting.
  • Narcissists rejoice! Intel strokes online egos with amazing digital brand ad

    2011-06-01 23:27:21 // // News
    Facebook seems to have stumbled upon the perfect mix of narcissism and voyeurism. But in an effort to promote its new Core i5 processor, Intel has taken that to new, very impressive extremes with one of the coolest online branding efforts we've ever seen: The Museum of Me.
  • Have they got a deal for you: Facebook shakes up the social buying scene with launch of Check-In

    2011-06-01 23:03:31 // // News
    In just five-and-a-half years, Facebook has morphed from a network of four or five million college students in the US into a massive social network of over 500 million. It's also gone from banner ads and text links to an advertising medium that's completely transformed the way brands talk to their customers. Now Facebook has taken another big step in its social marketing journey with the launch of Facebook Check-in Deals in New Zealand, a geo-location innovation that allows users to look for relevant offers and discounts on the fly—and tell their friends about it in the process. 
  • The anatomy of a network: how to make friends and influence people online

    2011-05-30 22:10:58 // News
    In our debut Colmar Brunton nzgirl Tracker, we uncovered some noteworthy social media statistics. While we're all aware of high usage of Facebook (our results show 70 percent of respondents check/update Facebook daily or more), we were surprised by the sheer size of the networks: 65 percent had between 100-400 friends and the average number was 300. 
  • Conversation wars: Oprah vs The Four Horsemen

    2011-05-29 21:25:36 // // News
    There are a huge number of boring statistics we could tell you about. For example, the increase in the amount of tissues purchased by men on Sundays, ROI on SEO for CEO's KPIs, or possibly even the amount of TV watched by people in Invercargill aged 45-46 between 6.15 and 6.30pm. But humans are simple creatures. And we're interested in simple things. Like whether the end of Oprah is deemed to be more important than the end of the world. Well, if you believe social media, and you probably shouldn't, it turns out she's not.
  • Patience is a virtue: Anthony Gardiner's guide to social media strategy

    2011-05-05 21:49:15 // // News
    This is a synopsis of the advice I give all of my clients during our initial meeting and some of what I talk about when giving my painful lectures/presentations. It is the slow, patient, credible, organic and day-to-day way of maximising your results from social media and I have found these principles to be pretty solid over the four years I have been involved in this industry.
  • Young & Shand take nation's digital marketing pulse, large growth diagnosed

    2011-01-17 23:02:16 // // News
    Late last year, up-and-coming digital agency Young & Shand asked 150 New Zealand chief executives and marketing managers about their organisations' spending intentions and planned commitments to digital marketing in 2011. And while the results showed there's no doubt Kiwi businesses see digital as an integral aspect of the marketing mix, there still appears to be an unwillingness to splash too much e-cash.
  • Charlie's embraces the F-Cloud to quench Auckland's festive thirst

    2010-12-09 04:22:45 // // News
    Having recently given away a host of free beverages to celebrate its launch in Australia, Charlie's will be following suit in the homeland and giving away bottles of its old-fashioned Honest Quenchers to overworked corporate slaves in Auckland next week. The crux, however, is that the request for freebies has to be made via its Facebook page.
  • Personal vs professional: where do you draw the line online?

    2010-12-08 20:45:10 // // News
    After skipping last week’s #markchat due to the Pike River memorial, the Twitter stream will once again be flowing freely at 12:30pm today, with the topic being 'personal authenticity vs professional brand – where do they meet and diverge?' Also, for all those unable to 'attend' the chat, we'll choose the five most salient/interesting comments made during #markchat and a link to the summary blog post.
  • Christmas advertising blitzkrieg begins, charities rail against crap gifts once again

    2010-11-29 21:00:08 // // News
    'Tis the season to embarrass yourself at the workplace Christmas party. 'Tis also the season to think about presents for your loved—or, if Secret Santa's on offer, unloved—ones. And while it's tempting to get everyone you know a life size cardboard of yourself, charities are making their annual call for us to resist our childish, consumerist urges and instead be more grown up in our approach to giving.
  • Conference call: Social Media Junction 2 in review

    2010-11-17 20:53:32 // // News
    Six international speakers and a range of local big brains from varied marketing and communication backgrounds came together in Auckland this week for the second edition of Social Media Junction and  presented their perspectives on acheiving ROI from social media activity. But ROI is perhaps the wrong phrase to describe what was discussed. With the benefit of hindsight, it was more about content marketing: you’re on social media platforms, but what are you saying, how are you saying it, when are you saying it and are the customers listening and then actually buying or recommending to someone else who buys? Anyway, enough with the questions, here's what the speakers had to say.
  • From the few to the many: a quest for social media buy-in

    2010-11-03 01:12:32 // // News
    Like any new form of marketing, there was plenty of trepidation when social media began to go mainstream. And some senior executives still feel the jury is out when it comes to investing large chunks of budget in it. They want to know how it’s going to feed back into the business, and rightly so. So while the first phase of social media—the one where people jump online and create profiles—has already happened, companies are still figuring out how to make the central theory behind social media (conversation, not broadcast) relevant to the entire business.
  • Where there's smoke, there's social media

    2010-10-18 20:40:15 // // News
    Crisis communications is one of the easiest areas to study and gain an appreciation for tangible social media ROI. And while we can never fully prepare for a natural disaster or acts of God, the advances in digital media can help accelerate the recovery. They can also help change the structure and procedures of previously traditional and parochial communications departments, as the State Government of Victoria in Australia discovered when it was subjected to some of the worst bushfires ever seen last year.
  • Learning from the Whale: Cameron Slater's rules of engagement

    2010-10-10 21:10:56 // // News
    One of the most successful people in New Zealand social media was on telly last week. On 60 Minutes, even, a little global current affairs franchise you may have heard of. He doesn't have an American accent and he doesn't have an iPhone. You'll all know him but not all of you will like him: Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil.
  • Make up name for new social media platform, get tickets to Social Media Junction 2

    2010-10-08 00:42:47 // // News
    We've had Yahoo!, Google, Bebo, Twitter, Facebook, Snapr, Foursquare and numerous other strange made-up words making waves in the online/social media space in recent times. So whatever next? We've got two day passes to Social Media Junction 2 to give away, one to the 'Social Media Marketing ROI' course on 16 November and one to the 'Social Media Content Strategy' course on 17 November. So you could save yourself $595 and fill your brain with knowledge, and all you have to do is devise a suitably trendy, preferably ridiculous name for the next big social media tool. 
  • Happy Snapr: Fashion Week spreads the photographic love

    2010-10-05 22:26:40 // // News
    NZ Fashion Week has finished for another year. And, away from all the preening, strutting and Blue Steeling on the catwalk, a new Kiwi-conceived social media tool was making a name for itself behind the scenes, with the free iPhone photo app Snapr being employed to stream and geo-tag live photos from the runway straight to the NZFW website.
  • Tuning in to Twitter

    2010-09-29 20:05:00 // // News
    As someone who works on the strategic side of design, I’ve taken a keen interest in the rise of social media as a marketing tool. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading up on other people’s experiences and on the various benefits they have had (or not). And for some, it would be useful to know when there will be regular conversations around a topic of interest to tune into. Just as with TV or radio, we should tune in at specific times when we know we will find relevant, interesting content.
  • Doin' it right: Lee Odden's guide to social media nirvana

    2010-09-27 23:40:58 // // News
    With the Social Media Junction 2 conference line-up now confirmed for 16-17 November 2010 at SkyCity in Auckland, it’s timely to discuss one its key themes: content marketing strategies. And, more specifically, the difference between doing social media and doing it right, a topic conference keynote speaker Lee Odden will delve into.
  • New E-Zealand: a social media snapshot

    2010-09-27 01:45:26 // // News
    What are Kiwis doing online? And, more importantly, how do they feel about it? 2010 has seen some fantastic research into both social media use and its relationship with business. Here's some of the best.
  • Social Media Junction: part deux

    2010-09-23 21:19:13 // // News
    After a hugely successful inaugural conference in May that attracted more than 200 Kiwi marketers, Social Media Junction is returning for its second edition with six international speakers on 16-17 November at SkyCity in Auckland. And the theme this time around is 'Achieving ROI in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.'
  • News injection proven to stave off violent strains of marketing disease

    2010-09-16 22:20:26 // // News
    BOHICA. Here's your regular injection of marcomms miscellany, which includes quake-related media facts, tales of the hugely popular pop-up Wellington restaurant/experiential marketing ploy in Sydney, Auckland City Council's new film initiatives, accolades for font gurus, new bubbles, silver foxes, over the shoulder boulder holders, bland pasta spokeswomen, signs and even databases.
  • Is the newly blinged-up Twitter crapping in its own nest?

    2010-09-15 23:42:58 // // News
    With the launch of the #NewTwitter, it seems apt to speak about what the changes might mean for the social space in terms of PR.
  • The futures market

    2010-09-15 21:18:47 // // News
    Mike Walsh is what's known as a 'futurist'. Somewhat disappointingly, he doesn't wear a silver boiler suit, he doesn't employ the services of a rocket pack and he doesn't know if the Mayans are right about the world ending in 2012. But, by focusing on nascent consumer trends in certain regions that have the potential to become mainstream everywhere else, he does know a thing or two about how the rise of the machines is completely changing the marketing game. 
  • Virtually assured: ASB branches out with new Facebranch

    2010-09-13 06:33:25 // // News
    For its latest customer service trick, ASB has fully embraced social media, gone completely virtual and launched a real-time, secure, person-to-person banking application on Facebook, something it claims is a world-first.
  • Air New Zealand's new fare offering gives Kiwi jetsetters a choice, bro

    2010-09-10 00:12:59 // // News
    Air New Zealand recently launched its new ‘Seats to Suit’ option for flights between New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, giving customers the opportunity to choose between four different ways of flying — Seat, Seat + Bag, The Works and Works Deluxe. And, in now fairly traditional Air New Zealand/.99 style, it's created a quirky piece of promotional content to highlight the different options.
  • Charity or opportunism, that is the question

    2010-09-08 03:22:23 // // News
    We're big fans of heated debates here at StopPress and a heated debate kicked off yesterday after the Christchurch earthquake relief efforts of t-shirt company Mr Vintage were pegged by Ana Samways in her NZ Herald Sideswipe column as a cynical marketing ploy to try and make a quick buck from the disaster.
  • Smackdown laid, can of whoop ass opened on SMEGS

    2010-08-26 02:20:05 // // News
    As I'm sure you're all aware, this week is SMEG Awareness Week. Social media expert guru (SMEG) numbers have been increasing in New Zealand in the last 12 months due to a combination of the tidal impacts on the Orinoco river and the recession. So here's a handy field guide to help you spot them.
  • Finger placed on New Zealand media pulse

    2010-08-04 21:40:10 // // News
    In this collection of searing Michael Carney-created insights from Marketing Week: New Zealand media by the numbers Jericho crunches the email numbers and tells us when we should send them Too much discounting? Trade Me takes on Yellow (and Google) Social media and the jobseeker New revenue ideas for the small screen
  • Single tear rolls down cheek as old television order changeth

    2010-07-21 22:02:14 // // News
    Wise New Zealand marketing oracle Michael Carney peers into his crystal ball for this week's installment of Marketing Week. Analogue TV is either dead or on death's door overseas. How long has it got to live here? How to catch the elusive black swan. Are you overlooking the oldies? The paywall prognostications come thick and fast. So how is Rupert faring? What people really think of advertising? The social media horse is starting to bolt. And there's still time for marketers to try and mount this difficult beast. Tips and tricks for post-recession category management.
  • Smart mobile moves, cool creative challenges and epic social media non-fails

    2010-07-16 03:05:00 // // News
    Wonderful pearls of Wammo, Pound and Mash marcomms wisdom that have been carefully harvested from the oyster of ignorance especially for you.
  • Old Spice guy gets off horse, mounts Twitter, makes social media crowd go wild

    2010-07-14 22:35:18 // // News
    Everyone loves the Old Spice guy. His musk is like the bottled essence of man. His rich, dulcet tones have made ladies all around the world instantly fall pregnant. And his ability to be on a horse is unparalleled. The first ad went crazy online and rightfully took the Film Grand Prix at Cannes recently, the second was a reasonable follow up and he's also done plenty of others, including this moustache spot. But the agency responsible for creating the 'man your man could smell like' meme, Wieden + Kennedy, has taken 'conversations with the brand' up a big notch with its latest effort.
  • It's not who you know, it's where you are

    2010-07-05 06:04:39 // // News
    Air New Zealand already has plenty of customer loyalty, but plenty obviously isn't enough, because the national carrier has come up with another way to inspire brand allegiance after it jumped on the location-based social media bandwagon and opened its Foursquare account.
  • Churn baby churn: Kiwis grab customer service bull by bad business horns

    2010-06-28 22:50:45 // // News
    Despite our apathetic streak (or, perhaps more accurately, a national belief that if you just keep moseying on things will probably come right eventually), new research has showed that New Zealand consumers are actually fighting back against poor customer experiences and voting with their feet when businesses don't meet their expectations.
  • Radio changes stations and social media goes pro

    2010-06-16 21:36:54 // // News
    In this installment of Michael Carney's Marketing Week: What's the frequency, Kenneth? Big corporates to social media: 'Hey, you can actually make us money'. So how can New Zealand businesses tap into it? Virtually possible: eWestfield on the cards. Rupert Murdoch begins his paid content experiment in earnest as the closes its doors. Close enough is not good enough when it comes to advertising, as one Christchurch car yard recently found out. Google plans its next assault. This time, music.
  • Trade me jumps on the e-commerce bandwagon

    2010-06-09 22:53:00 // // News
    In this installment of Michael Carney's Marketing Week: Trade Me gets with the daily deals programme iAds steam ahead in the US The BBC begins what might be a new paradigm for paid content online Social media reaches the tipping point RIP, Independent What will this year's most popular sales and lead generation strategies be? Get your names in the hat for the third Social Media Marketing eCourse. And there's even a new option available for the 'time-poor'.
  • Facebook: it's about money, not privacy

    2010-06-08 00:17:28 // // News
    There have been lots of conversations recently about privacy, specifically in social media. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and head-honcho at Facebook, got very sweaty when discussing the topic recently. So if Mark Zuckerberg, one of the pioneers of the share everything world we live in, is getting sweaty about ongoing privacy concerns, then perhaps we should all be worrying.
  • The Death Star - now with touch screen functionality

    2010-06-02 23:04:27 // // News
    Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star. And more iPad tomfoolery, this time with our old friend velcro. The second installment of the Olympus PEN series. 355 pictures were taken, printed in billboard size and shot again – and the video was produced with the Olympus PEN itself ...
  • Television and the ravages of time-shifting

    2010-06-02 22:34:20 // // News
    In this installment of Michael Carney's Marketing Week: As TV watching habits change, audience measurement is changing with it. Is social buzz leading to more ka-ching? Nielsen says 'meh, not really'. Online video is hot. And B2BTV hopes to tap into it for the New Zealand market. Can our internet infrastructure actually handle the iPad? Whitcoulls launches an e-reader. But, without cellular connectivity, will it be able to compete? Data-driven coupons show their worth. Survey your way to a fitter, healthier marketing you, and expand your mind by getting a spot in the third Social Media Marketing Course.
  • Social snake oil! Scary mascots! Adult playgrounds! Fake phones and stocks! Men are dicks! Hipsters! Ohmmmm!

    2010-05-20 21:41:22 // // News
    With all that earnest talk about engagement, authenticity and honesty, social media is certainly very fertile ground for parody and ridicule – and also for shysters, snake oil merchants and pettifoggers like Brian. The mascots for the London Olympics have been revealed. And Wenlock and Mandeville look like the ...
  • Thesaurus consulted: hodgepodge, gallimaufry and mishmash chosen

    2010-05-20 01:58:31 // // News
    It's news Stinky Jim, but maybe not quite as you know it.
  • Cartoony Carney feels fear, writes it anyway

    2010-05-17 23:33:25 // // News
    Michael Carney is quite possibly the most productive man on the planet. And he's generous, too: he's giving away a few free copies of his new literary baby – an e-book called Adventures into the Unknown World of Social Media that deals with marketers' fears about the space and details the ways to overcome them – to a few speedy downloaders.
  • Web boffin eyes paragraph to his left suspiciously

    2010-04-27 05:32:24 // // News
    Questions were asked and the answers were given by Julien Smith, the keynote speaker at the upcoming Social Media Junction and New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust, which was singled out by as one of the top 10 business and investing books of 2009.
  • How much is your fan worth?

    2010-04-27 01:43:26 // // News
    Mashable recently published an article highlighting research done by a social media management firm called Virtue, which looked at the value of a Facebook fan. According to its research, a fan was worth US$3.60 per year. Bear with me as I get mathematical.
  • Social media: check yourself before you wreck yourself

    2010-04-19 21:34:36 // // News
    The use of social media as a business tool is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are just some of the websites used to promote businesses and products, as well as being excellent tools for interacting directly with customers and associates. But there can be risks associated with publishing too much information online, particularly in relation to your intellectual property. So what steps can you take to ensure that you are getting the best exposure possible without jeopardising it?
  • Social media and PR: a match made in web 2.0 heaven

    2010-04-19 20:22:58 // // News
    A senior, seasoned technology client quipped to me the other day that the growth of so called ‘social media experts’ reminded him of the rise and rise of the dotcom gurus who sprouted like mushrooms in the late nineties. But you know what? Not only does the prevalence of social media seem familiar, for someone like me (and those of my vintage), it’s actually reassuringly old fashioned.
  • Getting the measure of social media

    2010-04-05 21:28:59 // // News
    What is it that you would like to achieve with social media? “Oh, umm, it's just a space our company should be in”. Unfortunately, this is an all too common response to the first question I ask. If you don't know what you want to achieve, how would you ever know if your campaign was a success?
  • Writing for youth: what's uncouth?

    2010-03-30 22:31:42 // // News
    Spencer Willis of Brand Spanking attended a few events over summer and lamented some of the insipid youth marketing efforts in this story. So who better to offer up six top tips on engaging youth audiences than Lil Cameron, a writer with 25 years experience in, well, growing up.
  • Social media, search and keywords: the uncensored version

    2010-03-29 23:36:31 // // News
    There are many online marketing tactics you can employ to drive traffic to your website or brand profile, but you can't underestimate the importance of keywords.
  • Social media: eavesdropping with consent

    2010-03-29 01:55:25 // // News
    There's a lot of buzz around social media at present. And it's a space that every company feels it should be in. But, first things first, what exactly is it?
  • Value judgements: measuring returns on social media

    2010-03-22 02:32:50 // // News
    Econsultancy and the Online Marketing Summit have produced a US-based report called the Value of Social Media that is based on a survey of more than 400 client-side marketers and agency respondents. And Andy Beal, founder and editor of, took a gander, with his major observation being that 61 percent of the companies felt their measurement of the return on investment (ROI) from social media is either poor or very poor.
  • Goldilocks and the three arghs (of social media engagement)

    2010-03-15 01:49:48 // // News
    You may be an official or unofficial ‘brand ambassador’ for all things social media in your organisation. Maybe it’s even in your job title. But how do you formalise social media within the company without it becoming oxymoronic? And how do you get more people involved?
  • Pyar! New locations! New titles! Media Mingling! Kiwifruit!

    2010-03-15 01:34:41 // // News
    A virtual e-cornucopia of comings, goings, changes, movements, postings and various new things compiled to belatedly celebrate the long-awaited departure of summer.
  • Air New Zealand plays the spoons

    2010-03-14 23:57:03 // // News
    Air New Zealand has kept the novel marketing fires burning with another new – and potentially slightly controversial – social media campaign featuring Dai Henwood that aims to capitalise on the buzz created in January over the new long-haul innovations.
  • Gather round children, it's social media story time

    2010-03-11 23:32:59 // // News
    There were scones and jam and cream. There were a host of digital natives and possibly even a few digital virgins. There were a few ironic technical glitches. And there were a range of social media truths laid bare and observations made by the five speakers at yesterday's CAANZ Digital Leadership Group Social Media in Business forum.  
  • Social media: all talk, no action?

    2010-03-08 21:05:58 // // News
    Social media is certainly all the rage at the moment, but while most in marcomms land seems to be talking about it, not too many Kiwi businesses appear to be following up on all that chatter, if the results from the CAANZ Digital Leadership Group (DLG) survey from December 2009 are anything to go by. 
  • Taking a measured approach to social media marketing

    2010-03-08 01:18:03 // // News
    We’ve all heard about the importance of social media as a platform for customer engagement. And we’ve also heard how social media is an increasingly vital tool in the arsenal of effective marketing. But how do you measure what for many is intangible?
  • gets fashionably mobile

    2010-02-23 00:01:42 // // News
    When it comes to being fashionable, iphones are high in the ranks. It's set to get even more fashionable with the launch of a new iPhone application for The iPhone ‘app’ replicates many of’s functions by showcasing the latest NZ collections, listing stockists for ...
  • Getting up to speed with 2010's microtrends

    2010-02-22 21:06:47 // // News
    In this installment of Michael Carney’s Marketing Week: Microtrends that matter 2010—it's the small things that matter. Smaller trends can impact the business, social and political landscapes, so it pays to know be in the 'trend' know. Social media: did you really mean to do that?
  • Rugby's a ball pass it on (via Facebook)

    2010-02-18 03:24:09 // // News
    Social media is proving its worth for the organisers of the 2011 Rugby World Cup: with more than 250,000 fans, the RWC 2011 Facebook page is now the biggest in New Zealand.
  • Microsoft reels in a Kiwi Snapr for SXSW

    2010-02-16 23:32:52 // // News
    At any given moment we can log on to Facebook or Twitter and tell our friends what we have been up to without actually having to talk to them. Ah, technology. Bless. But for those who want more precision, two clever Kiwis have come up with a snappy wee iPhone and web-based application that blends maps and photos to instantly enable you to show your friends not only what you’ve been up to, but where you were when you got up to whatever it is you were up to. Got it?
  • Virtual wingmen sign up singleton friends for chikka baow waow

    2010-02-11 20:06:34 // // News
    Have a couple of lonely, unloved, perhaps physically repulsive single friends? Then head online, become a virtual wingman, write a summation of your singleton associates' good points and hook them up with that special someone for some companionship and chikka baow waow.
  • TradeMe: now with Spam

    2010-02-11 07:22:59 // // News
    Hey, look, it's the newish incarnation of eBuzz from Marketing Week, and it's a weekly melange of digital marketing news that will be of interest and relevance to Kiwis. Facebook, Twitter, TradeMe and the Anti-Spam Law: what's the dilly? Social media: called to account Google gets buzzed Where do Kiwis shop online?
  • Social media gurus go clubbing

    2010-02-09 21:49:54 // // News
    Around 50 social media practitioners, digital natives and sneezers gathered together in meatspace last night for the inaugural Auckland Social Media Club event at the 42Below Bar on Commerce St and, with online video set to be a key topic in media circles in the coming months, Jayson Bryant of Wine Vault TV took the floor to speak about how incorporating video blogging into his business has helped drive extra revenue.
  • Rude, abusive but legal - how to handle toxic comments

    2010-02-04 23:34:06 // // News
    Rude, abusive and offensive; it all makes good reading but publishers of social media -- who can range from bloggers and niche media to mega-corporations and governments -- must deal with the difficult question of what to do when comments go bad. On the one hand, you want to let comments flow freely (this is a democracy still, I think). On the other hand, some comments are anonymous, abusive, stupid and occasionally defamatory. What's a poor boy to do?
  • Kiwi businesses sharpen social media tools

    2010-02-04 06:25:12 // // News
    More than two thirds of New Zealand businesses believe social media is a key tool to increase customer engagement and loyalty, according to a Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ) survey.
  • Stoppress tops mobile users - Nielsen

    2010-02-04 02:13:42 // // News
    HB Media today launched a mobile version of the popular website "Actually we always had it but forgot to turn it on," says Matt Cooney, the expert entrusted with HB Media's web stuff.
  • Wine Vault and Giapo freeze assets

    2010-02-01 22:06:09 // // News
    Two disparate markets will be temporarily combined from next week, with Gianpaolo Grazioli of Giapo and Jayson Bryant of The Wine Vault promising to bring Aucklanders a range of new frozen taste sensations by using some of New Zealand’s best sauvignon blancs in a series of sorbets.
  • Waiwera wades into social media spat

    2010-01-29 03:34:36 // // News
    Check out this interesting social media spat between a particularly passive aggressive Waiwera Water and poor old Bruce, a Facebook greenhorn who dared to question the quality of its bottled H2O.
  • London's burning

    2010-01-21 20:55:54 // // News
    London (and 42 Below) gets burned Kiwi (and 42 Below) style. An oldie, but a proverbial goodie. The social media expert explained. Eye of the Tigermouse. 'Branding' gets taken to a whole new, ridiculous level (read about the ensuing Ray-Ban controversy here ...
  • Fairfax enhance social media arsenal with new appointment

    2010-01-14 02:54:30 // // News
    Fairfax Media, publisher of has appointed journalist and blogger Greer McDonald, who has been a news reporter specialising in online issues at The Dominion Post for the last two years, as its first social media editor.
  • Measuring success

    2010-01-05 22:10:35 // // News
    Nobody has the definitive solution for how to measure the success of Social Media. At least not yet. Sure, you can talk about online ‘buzz’ created by how many blog posts, tweets, videos, status updates etc. that occurred for a certain brand, person or topic, but what’s ‘buzz’?
  • Giapo and Starship Hospital go viral for Christmas

    2009-12-14 02:35:28 // // News
    Auckland gelato store Giapo is "in business to put a smile on children's faces". But Gianpaolo Grazioli, the store's founder, is attempting to raise $10,000 for 300 kids who can't make it to the store this year because they have to spend Christmas in the Starship Hospital.
  • Wine Vault gets an A+ in social studies

    2009-12-13 23:38:55 // // News
    Just over a year ago, The Wine Vault would have been categorised as your traditional, conservative, small New Zealand business. Its marketing tactics consisted of leaflet drops, direct mail campaigns, a monthly email to the customer database and a few fairly unsuccessful radio ads. But owner Jayson Bryant changed all that when he decided to dive head-first into the then-nascent world of social media retailing in New Zealand.
  • Twedding bells chime for blushing e-bride

    2009-12-13 23:14:56 // // News
    ‘They’ say it’s never been done in New Zealand—a wedding planned entirely via social media. But Orewa bride-to-be Pauline Stockhausen has vowed to use only suppliers she has met through Twitter, Facebook and the like for her March nuptials, and Waiwera Thermal Resort has jumped on board, offering a reception venue and spa makeover in return for frequent mentions on her blog.
  • Monteith's seeds the tag cloud

    2009-11-18 02:32:40 // // News
    Monteith's is sure to set a few e-tongues a-waggin' with today's 'soft-launch' of its Worth Talking Over website.
  • What Kiwi kids do for kicks and more

    2009-10-27 04:28:15 // // News
    This week from The Media Counsel: What percentage of 13-year-olds have mobile phones? You'll smack your gob in disbelief. Why do you need to be on LinkedIn? Hitwise Lifestyle slices and dices Kiwi web traffic for our corporate consumption. Size does matter – Aussie marketers talk up 2010 budgets.
  • Kiwi brings Westfield UK into digital age

    2009-10-26 17:55:57 // // News
    Welcome to the third installment of our Export Figures series on NZers cracking the whip overseas in advertising and marketing. This week we meet Sarah Lukins, head of digital marketing for Westfield UK. Lukins left NZ in 1997 with an MA in Art History, and planned to do a two-year ...
  • Top 10 trends in branding

    2009-10-26 17:54:07 // // News
    San Francisco’s Salt has analysed the key trends that businesses must understand to build brands in these testing economic climes. Of course, social media is in there, as well as the importance of trademarking, mobile marketing and ethical consumerism. It’s sober, essential reading. Visit Salt ...
  • Twitter in yer face

    2009-10-19 21:03:07 // // News
    We knew it was bound to happen, live tweets are now being seen on digital billboards. The first in NZ come from the Yellow Chocolate campaign. They feature the face and tweets of Josh Winger whose mission is to make a chocolate bar that tastes like the colour yellow, using ...
  • iProspect wins MySpace

    2009-10-19 17:54:58 // // News
    Just three weeks after launching in New Zealand, iProspect has won the MySpace account. The business was won without a competitive pitch and will involve search and digital strategy with iProspect and planning and buying through iProspect’s sister agency, Carat. MySpace was looking for a like-minded progressive digital media ...
  • Paranormal success for viral campaign

    2009-10-15 17:59:13 // // News
    The surprise success in movieland this week is a bloody scary little thriller called Paranormal Activity. Shot over one weekend at the cost of NZ$20,000, the film is currently number four at the US box office. It made about NZ$10m last weekend – shamon! How did it get ...
  • Satire synthesises online communities

    2009-10-15 17:55:03 // // News
    Xtranormal has created an ingenious text-to-movie application. Type in a script and your video will be made in minutes.
  • Brainy Breakfast brainstorms Twitter

    2009-10-12 17:55:23 // // News
    The Marketing Association presents its November Jericho Brainy Breakfast session: all about Twitter. Why is it so big? How do you use it effectively? Microblogging is put under the microscope and three industry experts report back and answer your questions. Anthony Gardiner, media specialist at NZ Army, Andy Blood, executive ...
  • NZ’s first interactive site for online drama

    2009-10-05 20:13:14 // // News
    TVNZ’s newest drama lets you drive the plot by texting and getting involved online. It’s an innovative concept for Reservoir Hill, which debuts on Monday 12 October at David Stubbs and Thomas Robins from KHF Media bring this unique format for the first ...
  • Healthcare embraces social media, peek at new kidult series

    2009-10-05 19:53:28 // // News
    The Media Counsel answers these questions this week: How can healthcare marketers cram extensive product information in a 140-character tweet? How much more is the UK spending on online advertising than on TV? What new kidult drama by Margaret Mahy is being exhibited at the MIPCOM international film and TV ...
  • Social media sparks online tsunami appeal

    2009-10-02 02:26:11 // // News
    On Wednesday New Zealand Red Cross launched an online cause at in response to the tsunami in Samoa and American Samoa. Within two minutes online donations started pouring in from around the world fuelled mainly by Twitter. More than $50,000 has been raised in three days ...
  • Ecostore hosts Twitter party

    2009-09-30 07:57:29 // // News
    Set your alarms for 3pm NZ time on Thursday 1 October: ecostore founder Malcolm Rands, also known as Eco Man, will be hosting a one-hour party in cyberspace via Twitter. This is your chance to chat tweet-to-tweet and get some sustainable living tips from this successful and insightful eco-entrepreneur. His ...
  • Fear and loving in Facebook

    2009-09-28 17:54:06 // // News
    In The Media Counsel’s consumer report, results from a US social media study show that 86 per cent of retailers have created a Facebook fan page for their product. But their biggest fear is that “people can trash my products in front of large audiences”. Consumer Counsel Social Media ...
  • Facebook leads the social media revolution

    2009-09-24 20:28:56 // // News
    Further to our story of Nielsen shacking up with Facebook to create a 300+ million market research base, our mate David MacGregor alerted us to this vid from Socialnomics, which claims if Facebook was a country it would be the fourth largest in the world. Test your memory retention in ...
  • Nielsen gets poked by Facebook

    2009-09-24 18:57:25 // // News
    It’s a weighty brand match made in marketing heaven – Nielsen and Facebook are joining forces in a “multi-year strategic alliance to help marketers better use the Internet to develop and market new products”. Facebook has the ability to reach a ginomous global consumer network and Nielsen has the market ...
  • Tourism NZ wants Brits to go all the way

    2009-09-21 19:00:23 // // News
    In the wake of New Zild winning favourite long-haul destination in UK Conde Nast Traveller recently, Tourism New Zealand is picking up ball and running with the momentum of the NZ profile. Next month it launches a campaign specially marketed towards UK backpackers and young travellers through the STA UK ...
  • The latest on TiVo, Twitter and more

    2009-09-21 19:00:04 // // News
    Fresh biscuits from The Media Counsel: Is the TiVo and Telecom tango an exclusive dance? Can Twitter get into the black? Who is NZ's Donald Trump? Aussies clamp down on greenwashing. Read the pdf MediaMonitor 21-September-0The hunt is on for NZ's Donald Trump for The Apprentice Kiwi-style ...
  • Work distracts life

    2009-09-20 18:59:41 // // News
    Attention HR managers: ever wonder how much actual work you’re getting out of your employees? If computers rule your life, your production output is constantly hampered by distractions. See it large here and spend a few more minutes not doing whatever is it you’re paid to do.
  • Money can buy you Facebook friends

    2009-09-15 18:57:28 // // News
    Are you one of those sad sacks that has a Facebook profile but no friends to talk to? Now Aussie advertising and promotions company is selling friends for Facebook users. Building a fan base has never been easier – you can buy packages of up to 5,000 or ...
  • Search Engine boot-camp

    2009-09-11 19:00:11 // // News
    Do you know how to infiltrate enemy lines with SEO, PPC, SMM and SEM? What are you waiting for, private, ten-hut to the 3rd Search Engine Boot-Camp by Search Strategies. In 11 training sessions, you will be briefed on the most efficient techniques in search and social media in the ...
  • NZ most popular long-haul destination

    2009-09-10 18:55:13 // // News
    The English and the Aussies just love Godzone. Doomsayers may wax on about the recession, but tourism in NZ has been given a boost thanks to two recent findings. UK glossy Conde Nast Traveller ranked NZ as the second best destination in the world, after Italy. Turkey was third and ...
  • BNZ gets sugar hit

    2009-09-06 18:59:38 // // News
    See ya Y&R, hello Sugar. BNZ has appointed Sugar as its new agency with their media partner SparkPHD. Even though Y&R have been delivered some “great work” in the last four years, BNZ head of brand, Jo Kelly, says “we’re entering a new phase of our business ...
  • Returning to the WOM

    2009-09-03 23:00:29 // // News
    Advertisers and marketers are readressing the value of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals and increasing budgets in this area are reflecting this change. So how can WOM be better used to boost sales and drive awareness, retention and brand loyalty? When Josh Bernoff, vice president of Proctor and Gamble, recently announced ...
  • Blog moves in mysterious ways

    2009-09-03 08:23:50 // // News
    This Saturday is also a holy day for the School of Theology and Bible Society New Zealand. The organisers are holding a seminar to explore the impact of the internet on Christian communication, marketing and spiritual networking. A panel of local theologians and Heidi Campbell from Texas A&M University ...
  • New fish in The Pond

    2009-09-01 09:56:08 // // News
    Simon PoundHadleigh Averill How is creative consultant agency The Pond gonna surf the social media wave? By launching a specialised social networking creative team for companies wishing to get profile in those hard-to-reach digital places. Enter Simon Pound and Hadleigh Averill. Pound is a writer, director and self-confessed troublemaker ...
  • The Conversation

    2009-08-24 02:59:37 // // News
    Nobody believes business anymore. So who’s in control of your brand? It’s all of us. Here’s how the truth has been democratised, distributed and Google-optimised. It’s goodbye to the mass message and welcome to The Conversation.Nobody believes business anymore. So who’s in control of ...
  • Regional mathematics

    2009-08-24 02:59:01 // // News
    Our behaviour is about to be micro-measured. But just what tale will those numbers tell? Read more >>
  • Keep clients in tough times

    2009-08-24 02:57:45 // // News
    Nine ways to keep your company innovative—and essential. Read more >>
  • Hail the Twitterer-in-Chief

    2009-08-24 02:56:32 // // News
    Learning from the marketing methods that unlocked the White House. Read more >>